Monday, June 28, 2010

Accommodation Options in UK? Where am I going to live ?

There are some accommodation options to consider when relocating to the UK. HCL is not a relocation service and we do not find you accommodations, but we can offer some advice to get you started. To start, you must consider short-term vs. long-term accommodation. Short-term accommodation can be a 1-3 month stay at a flat (apartment), friend's house, hostel or hotel. Long-term accommodation would be signing a 3+ month lease on a flat or apartment. There are two options to consider when deciding which route to go:

1. Secure short-term accommodation, until you find something long-term. Many people stay at a cheap hotel or hostel for the first few months while searching for long-term accommodation

2. Find long-term accommodation before you land. Will be a little more difficult since landlords can be reluctant to sign a lease with someone overseas with a promise of arriving. If you have a friend or family member in the UK, they can easily help secure a flat on your behalf. There are also services available that will find you accommodations within 24 hours of arriving in the UK. There is a cost for this service, usually the equivalent of a month's rent. One service is

Here are some other tips and pointers to consider:

Do you have family or friends in the UK? If yes, see if you can "bunk" at their place until you find long-term accommodations. It is cheaper on the wallet

Dig through the UK classifieds websites for flats. Don't be afraid to contact the landlords/owners to inquire about renting. The best site is

Join networks and try to connect with other Canadians or Americans that are already working in the UK. Maybe they know of someone who has a room

Consider getting a shared-flat. A shared flat is simply a multi bedroom house or apartment shared by 2 or more people. You will have roommates, share the facilities, share chores, share cooking etc., but it is much cheaper than getting a place all your own.

Most rented flats in the UK are already furnished.

Are you close to transportation? If you have a car, you don't really have to worry about this. But for the rest, you should consider living within walking distance to work or be close to the bus or subway line.

When you are searching for accommodations, use the same thought process you would if you were looking for a place in your home country. Ask the same questions, consider the same issues and explore your options.

For more information about accommodations, please go to

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