Friday, March 12, 2010

An Interview with one of our succesful Applicants!

HCL Social Care recently interviewed one of our Social worker applicants, Tamara S. about her experience in the process of relocating to the UK and the assistance we provided to her.
She has succesfully moved into her new role in the London Area! And this is what she had to say when follow up with her!

HCL:What made you decide to use HCL? Did you use any other recruitment agencies, if so why?

Candidate: A consultant from HCL contacted the office I was working in looking for people interested in working in the UK. When I spoke with her, she was really helpful, so the decision was easy.

I have not used any other agencies.

HCL Social Care :What sort of information were you provided before you move to the UK? Was this sufficient? Helpful? What other information could be useful?

Candidate:  Both my  Northamerican consultant and UK consultant provided me with a lot of information. The main information I was worried about at that time was: would I get a job and how long would it take. I was told by my UK consultant I would be working within 2 weeks of arriving and I was.

I was also provided with information about pay rates, using i4, what other benefits I could expect,what clothes would be acceptable to wear for work, etc.

I had travelled quite a lot so I did not have many questions about that side of the move, but I would expect people who haven't travelled may need some basic information like how to get into London from the airport, details of the Tube, etc.
Other information that may have been useful is the requirements to secure rental accommodation.
Both consultants were very helpful and made me feel very comfortable in asking questions.

HCL Social Care: How did you find the candidate service in the office? How can it be improved?

Candidate: I always found my consultant very responsive. I cannot think of any improvements to suggest.

HCL Social Care: How did you find the candidate service in the UK office? How can it be improved?

Candidate: My consultant has been fantastic. She has kept in regular contact with me and even followed up with me after I started work. She has made it very clear I can phone her any time which offers rel security when you are travelling on your own and trying to set up in a new country. She is a fantastic ambassador for the company and I could not think of anything that requires improvement. She is a real asset to the business and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

HCL Social Care: Were you confident about finding work before you arrived? How easily did you secure employment in the UK? Was the job you were placed in suitable? Are you happy with the location and pay rate?

I was worried but my consultants kept ensuring me everything would be OK. I am a person that requires significant security and felt the move without having a definite job to go to a real challenge. My consultants supported me through this (otherwise I would not have come).

I had one interview and secured that job on a three month contract with the possibility of extension. I am very happy with the location and know the pay rate is very good. I have only been in the job a week but am really enjoying it.

HCL Social Care: Please summarize your general experience with dealing with HCL.

I have been very comfortable with both consultants and have found them to be very helpful and understanding. As stated previously, if it were not for their manner and support, I would probably have pulled out on coming over. I have been extremely satisfied with the service and have passed HCL's details on to other people. I would not hesitate in recommending the service to anyone.

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