Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The UK Social Work Job Market!

As any qualified Social Worker can attest, Social Work is a demanding but rewarding career choice. The UK offers challenges even greater than you may have experienced thus far in your career. Coupled with these challenges, however, are rewards and experiences which you will not find elsewhere. Opportunities for overseas-trained Social Workers in the UK have never been better. The industry is getting a lot of positive attention as it grows to become more regulated, more effective and more highly regarded.
The UK is in great need of qualified individuals with great work ethic, energy and a positive outlook. Read on and learn how to prepare for your UK trip – including how to register with the Social Work industry’s governing body, the GSCC, for work in England. Don’t forget to apply to jobs and register with us before you plan to travel to the UK.

What types of social work jobs are available in the UK?
The shortage of UK Social Workers
While the UK has implemented a new qualification program in an effort to boost UK-trained Social Worker numbers – this has resulted in only a moderate increase in qualified British candidates. As such, there remain numerous, quality positions for overseas Social Workers planning to gain some UK experience. The opportunities for Qualified Social Workers Both short and longer term contracts as well as permanent UK Social Work jobs are available through specialist UK Social Work recruitment agencies.
Industry sectors where placements are usually available:
Children’s services Elderly Care Mental Health Young Offenders Drugs and Alcohol Adults & Children with disabilities

Structure of Social Care industry in England
While the employer of most Social Workers in England is the government, vacancies also exist within charitable organisations from time to time. Social Work recruitment agencies handle all types of Social Work positions. Local government in England consists of County Councils which are located outside of London. Inside of London, government is divided up into ‘Borough Councils’. There are 33 Borough Councils in London. Usual responsibilities for UK Social Workers: manage your caseload working out of various government institutions (such as police stations, hospitals, municipal offices), ensure adherence to new legislative procedures, report writing, and attending case conferences.
How much can I expect to earn as a Social Worker in the UK?

In general, Social Workers in the UK are paid very well. According to the Department of Health’s - ‘Social Work Careers Page’, a newly qualified Social Worker can expect approximately £17,200 (slightly more in London) per year. With time and experience your rate can rise to £28,000+ per year. These rates are for permanent positions and vary depending on employer.
Many overseas Social Workers arriving in the UK will be hired onto fixed-term or ongoing contract positions. Rates vary widely according to the employer however a guideline is £18 to £26 per hour depending on the position and your experience.
These rates are generous and will afford the average UK working traveler a comfortable life in the UK with extra money for traveling and a good possibility of building up some savings.

Social Workers on the Go!

The social work profession promotes social change, problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being.

At HCL Social Care International we understand the impact of Social Workers and we partner and assist them in expanding their careers and experience and bringing out their passion and support to multiple communities in the UK.